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Оценка отказоустойчивости цифровой инфраструктуры

Many organizations have complex infrastructures made up of multiple data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud. While these infrastructures offer new capabilities, widely distributing your core IT business services across hybrid structures can greatly reduce the level of control and visibility available.

Our Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment provides IT executives and staff with a thorough evaluation of risks, as well as the expected performance of critical services that span data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud. A hybrid infrastructure data center assessment can offer valuable insights into the overall performance of a complex system.


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Привело ли внедрение гибридной инфраструктуры к появлению неизвестных рисков в вашей организации?

IT Outages can be Attributed to Infrastructure Failures by Cloud & Colocation Suppliers

If you adopt a hybrid infrastructure, your colocation and cloud partners become a key part of your mission-critical operations.

This increases your risk due to dependency on an outside partner. What happens if they experience an outage or service degradation event?


Причины и последствия перебоев в работе ЦОД в 2017 году

of IT Executives Reported Increasing Concern Over Outages Compared to the Year Prior

Cloud and colocation services are becoming more popular at the same time that IT outages are becoming more costly than ever before.

Partner service-level agreements (SLAs) outline contractual obligations in the event of an outage, but who is ultimately responsible for protecting your enterprise's brand and reputation, which can greatly suffer if service is interrupted?


Результаты исследования отрасли ЦОД, проведенного компанией Uptime Institute в 2017 году

of Cloud Customers Who Have Been With Their Provider For Less Than 24 Months

While owned and operated infrastructure is battle-tested and known for solid performance, many hybrid infrastructure deployments are new and still learning the ropes.

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  Указания и практические рекомендации по внедрению облачных технологий

A hybrid data center assessment regarding your digital resiliency is important in developing an unbiased, expert evaluation of your performance. It can help you determine the next steps and make important decisions about the organization and its digital infrastructure.

Независимая оценка гибридной инфраструктуры организации

Our Digital Resiliency Assessment reviews your organization's complex infrastructure and provides a measurement of how well it can deliver on specific IT services. We review the components individually and look at how they are connected and managed. Then, our team identifies key areas to focus on and any weak links. This information provides a roadmap for making adjustments to staffing, processes or technology, as well as guiding future spending decisions and strategic investments.

Another element that can come from the assessment is Tier Certification. The Tier Standard of Uptime Institute is globally recognized for measuring reliability and performance. Organizations that achieve Tier Certification display a commitment to excellence and can find high levels of uptime and efficiency.

Оценка рисков

With a Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment, we evaluate the interactions between each component in your hybrid infrastructure and figure out how it behaves as a holistic service delivery system.

Оценка отказоустойчивости

This assessment provides IT executives and staff members with a holistic measurement of the strength of the system at the application and service level. Executives can then better align business requirements with the capabilities and limitations of the hybrid platform.

Принятие мер

Our Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment culminates in an in-depth resiliency report that covers the expected performance of specific business services, along with a list of vulnerabilities and practical recommendations for improvement.

Пять элементов оценки отказоустойчивости цифровой инфраструктуры

The Digital Resiliency Assessment considers each functional area independently. These areas can be optimized to ensure deliverable IT services that meet business requirements without interdependencies.


The organizational structure should align resilience capabilities with business priorities.


Dependencies and investment priorities match up to business needs.


We conduct an evaluation of platform performance, driving visibility and the control of IT services.


We assess network architecture, redundancy and performance testing processes.

Центр обработки данных

Infrastructure redundancy and operational rigor should align with workload priorities.

Описание процесса оценки

Этап 1

Сбор данных
Uptime Institute consultants will collect data about your organization's structure, hybrid IT infrastructure and resiliency objectives. This initial phase identifies the current state of your hybrid infrastructure, third-party service and partner dependencies and key stakeholders. All of this research is in preparation for the on-site workshop.

Этап 2

Переговоры на месте
Консультанты Uptime Institute проведут углубленные обзоры на месте с ключевыми заинтересованными сторонами, чтобы понять бизнес-цели, сопоставить существующие архитектуры, количественно оценить устойчивость к организационным рискам, определить критические сервисы и проанализировать процессы управления и эксплуатации информационных технологий.

Этап 3

Предоставление результатов оценки
Once the data center infrastructure resiliency assessment is complete, Uptime Institute consultants will prepare an in-depth report covering the expected performance of specific business services. They will also deliver a scorecard outlining your digital infrastructure resiliency effectiveness aligned around the five focus areas of the data center resiliency assessment.

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