Вебинар: Результаты исследования отрасли ЦОД, проведенного компанией Uptime Institute в 2017 году

The IT Industry is changing dramatically due to a wide range of business and technology trends, and knowing the details of this change and how your peers are reacting to it will equip you to be more effective and strategic in your approach to delivering IT services for your organization, and more valuable as an IT professional.

Uptime Institute has just completed its annual survey of more than 1000 data center executives and end-users from around the globe to create the information you need to do your job.

Ключевые вопросы, рассматриваемые на данной сессии:

  • How companies adjust to shifting budgets and deployment models
  • The impact cloud computing has on capacity planning and operations
  • The adoption rates for new technologies, which ones and how fast
  • The workforce changes required to support this modern hybrid IT

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