Профессиональные услуги

Professional Data Center Services

In order to design, manage, and operate the critical data center infrastructure your business depends on, you need the most authoritative, evidence-based, and unbiased guidance in the industry.

For twenty-five years, the business-critical infrastructure industry has relied on Uptime Institute for our  unparalleled expertise, best-practice standards, and innovation.

We've consulted for thousands of organizations around the globe looking to design, build, maintain and operate data centers to optimize data center performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Эксперты ЦОДов

Uptime Institute is recognized worldwide for the creation and administration of the rigorous Tier Standards & subsequent Tier Certifications that enable data centers to achieve their mission while mitigating risk.

Our data center consulting services combine our Tier Standards methodology with decades of field experience in reviewing thousands of data centers around the world to help our clients solve a wide range of challenges in their broader IT organization.

Data Center Assessments & Consulting Services

By partnering with Uptime Institute, our team of experienced data center professionals will work with you to ensure that your data center is reliable and efficient, whether you’re building a new data center or have existing infrastructure that you’re looking to get certified.

Data Center Management & Operations

Uptime Institute Stamp of Approval

Сегодня, в условиях постоянного спроса на данные во всей бизнес-деятельности, заинтересованные стороны ИТ-инфраструктуры и ЦОДов нуждаются в решении для увеличения прибыли при сохранении текущей стоимости и эффективности. The Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval provides the education guidance and framework to drive best practices for the effective management and operations of a data center. By partnering with the data center experts at Uptime Institute, you gain It also and offers third-party validation to existing data center facilities, i Independent of the Tier Classification System.

Data Center Infrastructure Hybrid Resiliency Assessment

Today's organizations have complex infrastructures comprised of multiple data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud.

Our Hybrid Resiliency Assessment is designed to provide a deep evaluation of your data center infrastructure to determine risks and expected performance

Using the assessment’s findings and our experts recommendations, you can raise your data center staffing, processes and technology to world-class standards.

Оценка рисков ЦОД

Whether you are considering an acquisition of a standalone data center facility, a merger with another organization with an existing data center portfolio, or a consolidation of your own data center assets, our Data Center Risk Assessment offering can help you reduce the risk associated with managing such large capital assets. 

We leverage decades of experience, looking at thousands of facilities worldwide, to help you examine both data center design and operations. Our team will help you identify risks, diagnose issues, appraise strategic value, and determine "most likely" Tier rating.

Оценка управления жизненным циклом Efficient IT

Whether you're just starting a new energy initiative or your efforts thus far have not reached their full potential, a significant impact can be achieved with a holistic approach to efficient IT.

Uptime Institute’s Efficiency Assessment looks at data center management behaviors across leadership, IT infrastructure, and the data center to focus on reducing waste, improving financial controls, and lowering carbon emissions.

Once complete, you are equipped with evidence-based methodologies and strategies that can lead to substantial improvements in resource consumption, reduced carbon footprint, and millions of dollars in cost reductions enterprise-wide.

DCIM Consulting Services

Большинство покупателей DCIM тратят более шести месяцев на оценку потенциальных поставщиков, а затем еще 6-12 месяцев на внедрение выбранного решения. Если бизнес-требования организации диктуют необходимость в DCIM, это приводит к значительным расходам на содержание персонала и ненужным задержкам. Uptime Institute's DCIM consulting service helps data center executives understand the vendor landscape, deploy on a timely schedule, avoid overspending, and choose the right solution for their infrastructure.

Руководство по выбору стратегической платформы - FORCSS®

Выбор оптимального варианта среди различных альтернатив развертывания ИТ может оказаться сложным для вашей компании, если вы будете пытаться найти оптимальное соотношение иногда противоречивых факторов: коммерческой выгоды, оснащения оборудованием, обработки данных, эксплуатации и рыночных соображений.

Uptime Institute разработал систему для сбора, сравнения и определения приоритетности различных параметров вариантов развертывания ИТ, помогающую организациям определить последовательную стратегию, в которой уравновешены финансовые параметры, возможности, риски, соответствия стандартам, устойчивость и качество обслуживания: FORCSS.

Data Center Management Operations Advisory Services

Консультационные услуги FMO обеспечивают стратегический подход к уравновешиванию задач ЦОД в отношении доступности, затрат и производительности при повседневной эксплуатации. В ходе интерактивных семинаров консультанты Uptime Institute Professional Services предоставляют рекомендации по разработке, внедрению и совершенствованию процессов управления ЦОД.

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