Сертификация базовой структуры для развития цифровой модели вашего бизнеса

Для проектирования, управления и эксплуатации критически важной инфраструктуры, от которой зависит ваш бизнес, вам нужно самое авторитетное, обоснованное и неангажированное руководство. 

Uptime Institute выполнил сертификацию более 1000 ведущих объектов по всему миру в области проектирования, строительства, управления и эксплуатации ЦОД, выступив в качестве доверенного партнера наших клиентов и задав для их предприятий и рабочих систем курс на решение ключевых бизнес-задач. 

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Featured Case Studies


LuxConnect is a private limited company owned by the Luxembourg State, which was founded in 2006 with the mission to strengthen the country’s position on the European Internet map and to provide a state-of-the-art IT environment for Luxembourg.


TM ONE has a goal of enabling both private and public sector organisations to fully realize their digital opportunities.

Регион Нордьиланд

Learn why Region Nordjylland chose Tier IV certification to ensure the well-being of North Denmark's 600 000 residents who relied on the system for emergency services, health care and social services.


LinkedIn earned Uptime Institute's Efficient IT Stamp of Approval at their state-of-the-art facility in Oregon. The EIT program evaluates management and organizational behaviors focused on creating lasting reductions in cost, staff time, and carbon emissions.

KIO Networks

KIO Networks offers a broad portfolio of mission critical infrastructures and services with its different business units including KIO Data Centers Services.

OneNeck IT Solutions

OneNeck IT Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc., with top-tier data centers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon and Wisconsin.


Learn how Turkey's İşbank took a structured approach to preparing for and achieving status as the first Tier IV Constructed Facility in Turkey, earning an industry design award for innovation in the process.

Green Mountain

Colocation provider, Involta, achieved Tier III certification at their Akron, Ohio facility and leveraged those learnings to improve process at their 13 other data centers around the United States.

Rack Centre

Rack Centre, based in Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria and owned by Jagal, a Nigerian holding company operating leading energy businesses and managing a diverse portfolio of investments.

FKG Group and Pulse Data Centre

Pulse Data Centres is the first major non-metropolitan area data centre in Australia. The Pulse DC facility was designed, constructed and fully equipped by corporate owner, the FKG Group.

Логотип NEXTDC


Learn how NEXTDC achieved Tier IV Design and Constructed Facility certification to maximize performance while maintaining competitive pricing in Austalia's colocation market.

Iron Mountain

As one of the only Tier III Gold data centers in North America, Iron Mountain's DEN-1 facility in Denver, Colorado was able to negotiate lower insurance premiums and lower operation costs through improved efficiency.


As a centre of excellence based in the heart of Europe, EBRC–European Business Reliance Centre – aims at protecting and managing sensitive information and data.


Learn more about the experience Turkcell had and what they learned from their recent achievement – the Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability Award in their Kocaeli, Gebze Data Center facility.

Управление объектами T5

T5 earned Uptime Institute's M&O Stamp of Approval to build consistency across their global data center portfolio and improve positioning against other global mission critical facility management providers.

Green Mountain

Norway's Green Mountain chose Tier III certification as a means to further differentiate their position in the market. Green Mountain's facilities are the only Nordic colocation facilities to receive Tier III certification.

Обеспечение достижения лидирующими мировыми брендами ощутимых результатов









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