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Data centers are key for information processing in a technology-centered world, so their operation and integrity need to be meticulously monitored for quality performance. Data center assessments by Uptime Institute are structured to help you efficiently manage this valuable resource.

When you choose to partner with our expert team, you can expect us to:

  • Maximize the value of your data center throughout its lifecycle.
  • Ensure your infrastructure has redundant components in place to manage maintenance as well as critical events.
  • Assess your operations protocols and procedures to reduce the risk of human error and build world-class operations team.
  • Evaluate data center efficiency to minimize costs and maximize utilization.

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Types of Data Center Assessments

Uptime Institute will conduct objective assessments of your data center assets and operations to ensure that your facility is at peak performance and meets organizational goals. We offer the following types of third-party data center assessments:

Оценка инфраструктуры

Our Tier Standard and affiliated tier certifications were created to describe the site-level infrastructure required to sustain data center operations, as this infrastructure plays a major role in data center efficiency. Our data center infrastructure assessment reviews all site infrastructure subsystems, including:
  • On-site power production
  • Механические системы
  • Fuel storage
  • UPS modules
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Component redundancy
  • Power transfer devices
We will examine these systems in relation to their data center support and general functions, searching for inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. The results will help determine whether your data center is meeting your current needs and what can be changed to meet future goals.

Оценка новой архитектуры

Оценка существующей инфраструктуры

Оценка эксплуатационных процессов

Regardless of the engineering design, system technologies and infrastructure that are in place at a facility, the most common cause of unplanned downtime is human error. Processes that navigate this pitfall will help boost productivity and uptime, which is ideal for many data centers.

Our operational excellence assessment programs incorporate our experience gained from more than 20 years of site visits at critical facilities around the world into top practices. The outcome of the assessment will help data center owners and operators introduce consistency, transparency and industry best practices into their data center management and operations processes.

Запрос оценки уровня эксплуатации

Оценка эффективности

Data center technology changes every day in regard to both the site infrastructure and the IT load. Even if you optimize for ratios like power usage efficiency (PUE), you may be powering too much IT load to begin with, overprovisioning servers and hardware to meet your modern needs.

Our data center efficiency assessments look at factors including hardware utilization, IT asset lifecycle, utility mix and energy management.

The goal of the assessment is to provide a holistic view of your data center efficiency based on how these components contribute to energy consumption and costs. This insight will help you plan and implement efficiency initiatives that are cost-effective and use a reasonable IT load.

Запрос оценки эффективности

Ведущие мировые бренды обращаются к Uptime Institute для получения экспертной оценки ЦОД

Why Get an Assessment?

Obtaining the most value and profit from your data center begins with assessments. Whether you want to reduce downtime or streamline your energy management, assessments will provide you with the insight necessary to reach these goals.

Data center assessments will also help you:

  • Understand the risks in your data center and identify ways to circumvent them.
  • Determine ways that your data center can improve its growth capacity, availability and performance.
  • Allocate funds for future upgrades as determined by the assessment results, reducing the budget impact.
  • Improve your facility's energy efficiency, reducing energy costs.

Another outcome of a data center assessment is knowing that your data center will meet your business needs consistently. After your assessments are complete, your facility may earn a Tier Standard Certification, which is a globally recognized standard for data center performance.

Data Center Certification

Uptime Institute created the globally recognized data center Tier Standards; our independent and proven infrastructure capability measurement that determines data center efficiency based on performance. Our Tier Standards and Tier Certifications serve as the industry benchmark for data center design and operation best practices.

After having certified more than 1 600 data centers to these standards around the globe, we're in a position provide fast, efficient and comprehensive assessments to existing sites in terms of infrastructure, operations and data center efficiency.

To get started with a data center assessment for your facility or request more information, contact the Uptime Institute team today.

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